Telecharger Raid World War 2 PC Gratuit Complet Version

Games that depict the ugly face of war during the Second World War have just become too obscure, and we are seeing less games today in the big war that killed millions of people, the Raid World War II recently launched by the studio The Lion Game Lion is available for the eighth consoles and PCs, one of those first-person shooter games whose story tells World War II, unlike other World War games, it has been trying to distance itself from stereotypes and with a gameplay New and super-addictive audience D to absorb.

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The story of Raid World War II dates back to the time when the shadow of the oppression and brutality of the Nazis shadowed on Europe, and all the countries of the continent are in silence and fear; many war commanders have been killed or hostage by the Nazis, and almost all the hopes for liberation from This position has been lost, in the meantime, you, in the role of a British soldier with the help of your squad, must carry out secret operations in the heart of the Germans and release some of the important commanders of war, teamwork and patience in advancing the Raid World War II role It's very important and the fate of war in this game is in your hands Is.

As stated earlier, Raid World War II is a first-person game and this game has almost all the features of the elders of this genre, among other features of the game is the very high variety of weapons in the game, as well as the artificial intelligence of the enemies.

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While Raid World War II can not be compared visually with the famous genre shooter games, the game is visually sound and acceptable and can not be fooled.

If you are a fan of the first person shooter genre and war games, Raid World War II is a game that narrates the dark and tragic story of World War II and can engage in bogey-addictive games.

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